A Captivating Village in Biduk-Biduk Sub-District – Teluk Sumbang

Derawan Archipelago is not only famous for its stunning island, but it is also recognized for its culture. The fact is Dayak Tribe lives in several parts of the region, including Teluk Sumbang Village. It is located at the tip of East Kalimantan Island and becomes a recommended tourist spot for everyone. Why is that? Visitors can meet the locals (Dayak Tribe) and learn their culture. Not to mention they have an opportunity to explore the village. These include a visit to nature tourist spots like Bidadari Waterfall and Teluk Sumbing Beach.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, the village features a peaceful atmosphere. It is because Teluk Sumbang Village is surrounded by trees, grassland, and mountains. All of them provide fresh air and comfortable shade to people. When it comes to the settlement, the houses look traditional and simple. In fact, no luxury facilities are available. That means the villagers are not influenced by modern technology and contemporary culture. Such purity indeed satisfies people who come to the village. Tourists can learn both local cultures and enjoy interesting specialties like traditional foods, dances, and arts.

Exploring Teluk Sumbang Village
It is without a doubt that Dayak Basap Tribe becomes the main attraction in Teluk Sumbang Village. These people are likely to live in secluded areas. When it comes to physical appearance, their eyes are slanted and their skin is brown. Apart from Teluk Sumbang Village, this tribe also lives in some caves in East Kalimantan Province like Hantu Hill and Tanjung Mangkaliat. Despite the fact, not all of them live in secluded settlements. Some of them have adopted a modern way of living, in fact. Those who live in Teluk Sumbang Village are not an exception.

The fact is that Teluk Sumbang Village has become an ecotourism area. Thanks to the presence of Dayak Basap Tribe. The local government even considers tourists and visitors as a significant income. Moreover, the village is also recognized for its nature attractions. One of them is called Batu Berdiri Beach, which is famous for its stunning white sand. Another interesting reference is Bidadari Waterfall, located near to the village. With all these nature tourist spots, visitors won’t get bored when exploring Teluk Sumbang. They can reach those tourist spots easily, as well. It is because the route is quite accessible.

What’s next? Enjoying nature attractions and traditional culture of Dayak Basap Tribe are indeed prime activities in Teluk Sumbang Village. However, tourists should not overlook the delicious local snack called Amplang. The fact is it is a specialty of Biduk-biduk sub-district. The locals produce and distribute it to any nearby regions including Teluk Sumbang. The snack is made of local fishes (especially mackerel) and the price is affordable! Therefore, those who visit Teluk Sumbang.

Nearby Attractions

  • Batu Berdiri Beach
  • Bidadari Waterfall
  • Dayak Basap Settlement

How to Get There
For those coming from Balikpapan City, they can take any local transportation service to Berau District. The most recommended option is an airplane and the destination is Kalimarau Airport in Berau. Once they get there, they can directly head to Biduk-biduk and reach Teluk Sumbang Village right away.

Where to Stay

  • Selvia Hotel
  • Fajirah Inn
  • Clarissa Homestay

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