Kaniungan Besar Island in Derawan Archipelago, East Kalimantan Province

Some tourists have recognized the popularity of Derawan Islands, especially for its nautical attractions. It is a perfect destination for island hopping and snorkeling, actually. Here is the reference. The name is Kaniungan Island and it consists of Besar and Kecil Island. Still, most of the visitors are likely to visit Kaniungan Besar due to its better topography and facilities. According to visitors, the island is suitable for relaxation, snorkeling, and photography. That means tourists can simply sit under coconut trees while enjoying sea scenery. Even the wind is gusty and relaxing.

The Nuance
The most stunning part of Kaniungan Besar Island is the beach. It features lots of coconut trees, which are located near to the shoreline. No wonder, the roots of those trees are seen clearly due to coastal erosion. That means there is not much space in the shoreline for beach walking. As an alternative, tourists can take advantage of benches, which are located under coconut trees. Spending a comfortable moment in that spot is quite relaxing, after all. Another idea is to rent a hammock or tent and install it in a particular spot of the beach.

Exploring Kaniungan Besar Island
Thanks to the presence of coordinate marker pole. It pinpoints the location of the beach, so tourist can find the location of the beach easily. The locals also use the pole for topography purposes. So, what can people do once they reach the beach? It can be as simple as relaxation. Lush coconut trees are alluring, after all. Next, they visitors are allowed to explore all parts of the island and use their camera to take some pictures. The best object to capture is definitely the stunning sunset. As an alternative, tourists can take a selca under coconut trees or in front of the beach.

What’s next? Kaniungan Besar Island is famous for its beautiful corals and crystal clear sea water. That means tourists can enjoy snorkeling or diving to their heart’s content. The thing is they must prepare the gear beforehand because there are no rent services in the island. For beginners, it is better to go snorkeling with an instructor. This way, they can enjoy the activity in a safe and comfort manner. Even professionals need the help of an instructor in order to know the best spot to go snorkeling.

Once tourists enjoy snorkeling, they should try delicious foods provided by a nearby restaurant. Thanks to the presence of such facility. Visitors won’t get troubled in finding a room to rest and a place to eat. Even though the building appears traditional, it offers comfortable rooms and excellent foods! As an alternative, people can go camping in Kaniungan Besar Island. In this case, they must have prepared a tent and other equipment beforehand. Not to mention they must find the right spot to build it!

Nearby Attractions

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  • Derawan Island
  • Sulaiman Bay
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How to Get There
Kaniungan Besar Island belongs to Biduk-Biduk Sub-district and it is located near to Teluk Sumbang Village. In order to reach the island, travelers' first checkpoint is Balikpapan City. From there, they can directly head to Berau District and reach Biduk-Biduk afterward. The last destination is the island and tourists can go by speedboat.

Where to Stay
Kaniungan Besar Resort

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