Manimbora Island in Derawan Islands, Berau District

Derawan Archipelago is a recommended vacation spot for everyone, which is located in East Kalimantan Province. Consisted of many islands, it offers unlimited joys and adventures to tourists! Here the reference. The name is Manimbora Island or local people call it Spongebob Island. They consider it similar to Bikini Bottom, on which Spongebob and his friends live. The fact is the island uninhabited and secluded. That means it offers tranquility and comfort to visitors. Some tourists also come to the location for swimming on the beach, actually. Even photography is a good thing to do in Manimbora.

The Nuance
Despite the small size, the island offers a spacious beach, on which tourists can play and conduct beach walking. The sand color is yellowish and it is covered by several twigs and stones. Therefore, it is better to wear comfortable footwear when beach walking. In the back, some coconut trees and bushes grow lavishly. When it is about the sea, the color is blue Tosca and it features calm waves. As if, it lures tourists to get and swim in it. The island also has an interesting feature like skeletons! Some scientists keep researching the history of such human remains, in fact.

Exploring Manimbora Island
Sightseeing is quite common among visitors, as they want to witness beautiful sand beach and its crystal clear water. They can even perform beach walking and explore the island. It won’t be a tiring activity because the size of the island is not that big. The only issue is the heat of the sun! Tourists should wear a hat or apply sunblock in order to avoid such discomfort. As an alternative, they can rest under coconut trees. Some remains of mangroves are even seen in the location! Somehow, they become an interesting object for photography.

Apart from pristine sea water, the island has other nature attractions! These include the flock of white storks and the views of nearby islands like Gosong. These features are definitely stunning! For those who love mystery, there are skeletons and headstones scattered in the west part of Manimbora Island. Those human remains are situated near to the beach, in fact. No one knows the story behind them, though. The rumor has it. Those belong to Balikukup Tribe. There is even a special burial site, which belongs to an important person.

The combination of beauty and mystery definitely attracts more tourists to come to Manimbora Island. Is is because they have many options of fun activities to do on the island. These include swimming, beach walking, photography, and visiting Balikukup’s burial site. As for tour guide service, they can either hire one or not. The cost of the service is not expensive, after all. Some local tour guides might tell them about the culture of Balikukup People. Isn’t that great?

Nearby Attractions

  • Gosong Island
  • Balikukup Island

How to Get There
The first destination is Balikpapan City. That means travelers should take an airplane to Sultan Aji Muhammad Airport, which is considered the fastest method. Next, they must head to Berau District and rent a speedboat in Tanjung Batu Port. In this case, the destination is Derawan Island. Later, they need to rent another boat to Manimbora Island.

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