Sambit Island in Berau District, East Kalimantan Province

Sambit Island is known as the outermost island in Indonesia. It is located in Sulawesi Sea, which resides near to neighboring country – Malaysia. Still, it belongs to Berau District in East Kalimantan Province. Not to mention is part of Derawan Islands! Even though it is not as popular as Maratua, Sangalaki, Derawan, or Kakaban Island, Sambit offers pure serenity to tourists. This explains why many people consider it a perfect location for a vacation retreat. Plus, it feels like spending in a private island, where there are no disturbances at all.

The Nuance
The size is quite small and it is uninhabited. No wonder, tourists can explore Sambit Island by foot without spending too much energy. There are only trees and a lighthouse. In the coast, the sand looks so beautiful, too. Despite the fact that it is an uninhabited island, some guards are seen there. They are the ones who operate the lighthouse. Have no worries. Those people are friendly, so tourists can enjoy their vacation without feeling uncomfortable. Next, it is related to the sea. The waves are considered strong, so tourists should think twice before getting in the water for swimming.

Exploring Sambit Island
The most recommended activity is relaxation. Thanks to the serene nuance of Sambit Island. Visitors would feel comfortable when spending times in Sambit. In the horizon, what they can see is plain sea and some tetrapod or wave breakers. Apart from sea scenery, tourists can enjoy breezy wind, which is warm and refreshing. That means they must sit on the white sand of the beach and enjoy all of those comfortable features. This is a great way to eradicate stresses and burdens, accumulated from daily routines.

The next attraction in Sambit Island is the lighthouse. With the keeper’s permission, tourists are allowed to get to the lighthouse and enjoy stunning views from above. It is also a perfect spot to do photography. Sometimes, the keepers even teach visitors how to operate the lighthouse. That is a wonderful experience, isn’t it? In some cases, tourists might need the help of a tour guide. It is for the sake of communication with the keepers of the lighthouse. Later, they might also need his help to visit nearby tourist spots. It is a worthy expense, after all.

What’s next? It is time to enjoy snorkeling! As mentioned earlier, the waves are a bit strong, so tourists must be careful when exploring the underwater scenery. Despite the challenge, there are more than 60 types or coral fishes living there. As for the tip, visitors should have prepared snorkeling gear beforehand. They can rent it in Tanjung Redeb or other places with an affordable price. Apart from the equipment, they might need good diving skills! For those who don’t fulfill those qualifications, they can simply witness sea turtles and their eggs on the beach. It is considered a fun activity, as well.

Nearby Attractions
No nearby attractions

How to Get There
In order to reach Sambit Island, travelers need to do pass through several checkpoints. First, they must head to Balikpapan City. Next, they can take a local transportation service to Tanjung Redeb, which takes about 16 hours by land transportation. The faster method is by airplane, which takes only 1 hour and 30 minutes. The final trip is by a speedboat to reach Sambit Island, which takes about 5 hours! It is worth the time, though.

Where to Stay
Nearby hotels are in Derawan Island and Tanjung Redeb

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