Bidadari Waterfall in Teluk Sumbang Village, Derawan Archipelago

Everyone should visit Derawan Islands someday. Many options of nature tourism, historical sites, and cultural attractions are available there. For those looking for a calm tourist spot, there is Bidadari Waterfall in Teluk Sumbang Village and it belongs to Biduk-biduk sub-district. Bidadari means “seraphs”, actually. The rumor says there were beautiful angles taking bath in such falls. The location is near to a local beach and the distance is about 100 meters. The fact is the water flows directly to the sea. With a calm nuance and beautiful scenery, the waterfall becomes tourists’ favorite spot for relaxing and playing water.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, Bidadari Waterfall features a relaxing and peaceful nuance. The sound of the water is hypnotizing and the beauty of the water is quite captivating. Not to mention lush vegetation surrounds the site, creating a comfortable atmosphere. The fact is there are 2 levels of the waterfall. The first one has the height of 5 meters. The second waterfall is located about 500 meters from it, and it has the height of 30 meters! Sometimes, rainbows appear beautifully there. Even the water is refreshing and the pond is suitable for swimming!

Exploring Bidadari Waterfall
Due to its serenity, Bidadari Waterfall indeed represents a pond, on which angles take a bath. Some locals even consider it as a sacred site! They also give another name to it, which is Soom Waterfall. Despite its mystical aura, the waterfall remains interesting for tourists to visit. They can also perform trekking in a nearby forest. The locals or Dayak People would be their guide in exploring the location, after all. These people are friendly and some of them can talk English, as well. Plus, they have both experience and knowledge regarding the route.

In order to reach the waterfall, tourists should give some efforts. The reason is the falls is situated in a forest, featuring a challenging route. Before heading to the location, it is better to approach the local settlement where Dayak Basap Tribe lives. These people have an interesting way of living and cultures, after all. They can also help tourists in exploring the forest and heading to Bidadari Waterfall in an efficient manner. Not to mention they have a famous art of crafting, which produces soft and beautiful rattan handicrafts.

Apart from being a famous tourist spot in Teluk Sumbang Village, Bidadari Waterfall becomes a significant source of electrical power there. Even its popularity has been acknowledged by foreigners. Not only visitors are interested in visiting the falls, they are likely to visit nearby attractions like mangroves and beaches. In fact, the location becomes the home of famous animal species called “bekantan” or proboscis monkey. They are often seen on the branches of mangroves, actually.

Nearby Attractions

  • Batu Berdiri Beach
  • Bidadari Waterfall
  • Dayak Basap Settlement
  • Teluk Sumbang Beach

How to Get There
Teluk Sumbang Village is located in Biduk-Biduk Sub-district. For outsiders, they need to take an airplane to Balikpapan City first. Once they get there, they can take any local transportation service to Biduk-Biduk. The waterfall resides near to Teluk Sumbang Beach, actually. It even involves short trekking to reach the location.

Where to Stay

  • Selvia Hotel
  • Clarissa Homestay
  • Fajirah Inn

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