Haji Mangku Cave in Payung-Payung Village, Derawan Archipelago

One of the best islands in Derawan Archipelago is called Maratua. It is also the home of a unique cave, which is Haji Mangku. The location is in Payung-Payung Village and it becomes an interesting tourist spot for both the locals and travelers. People come to the site for both trekking and photography. The reason is they must give some efforts in order to reach the cave. Despite such tiring effort, the trip is quite fulfilling, as the cave features lush vegetation and pristine nature. Not to mention the atmosphere is calm, so it is suitable for relaxation.

The Nuance
When it comes to nuance, Haji Mangku Cave is located in a highland. That means visitors should perform trekking in order to get to the location. The cave features a nature pond, which has blue Tosca color. The fact is visitors are allowed to get in the water, as long as they are able to swim. For kids, they must be under their parents’ supervision when getting in the water. Another fact is that the water is brackish. Another important clue is that the cave is dark and cold! Somehow, it emits a creepy ambiance.

Exploring Haji Mangku Cave
According to the locals, the cave has a mystical history. However, no tourists have encountered strange phenomenon when visiting it. Despite such urban legend, visitors keep coming to the location as they want to enjoy refreshing water and peaceful ambiance. The thing is the water is a bit salty! In the morning, it is even colder than ever. That means the best time to visit the cave is at noon, when the water is warm due to the exposure of sunlight. Snorkeling is not recommended as the views are not satisfying. In fact, some tourists consider it creepy.

On the other hand, those who love challenges can explore the views of the water using by snorkeling. The fact is it gets deeper and tighter underwater. That means claustrophobics can’t withstand such situation. Some people even think that a monster lives in the cave. Well, apart from that fear, Haji Mangku Cave is considered beautiful and challenging. No one would regret visiting the cave, after all. Apart from swimming, visitors can do other things like trekking and photography. The site is worth an exploration!

Approximately, the depth of the cave is 20-30 meters. Only brave tourists would like to get in the pond and explore it by snorkeling. For those who don’t like swimming, they can simply take some pictures of any features of the cave. As an alternative, they can approach villagers and learn some story regarding the cave. Not to mention they have other interesting tourist spots to explore in Maratua Island.

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How to Get There
From Tanjung Batu Port, tourists can take a boat to Derawan Island. It is the prime checkpoint, actually. Later, they need to take another boat to Maratua Island, which takes about 1 hour. In Maratua, they should reach Payung-Payung Village first. The last trip involves trekking that takes about 5 minutes. Have no worries. All those efforts are rewarding.

Where to Stay

  • Maratua Paradise Resort
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  • Nunukan Island Resort

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