Panjang Island in Berau District, East Kalimantan Province

When people talk about Derawan Archipelago, they might thing about beautiful islands with their diving spots. However, they can find more than those attractions. Here is an example. Tourists can enjoy a small adventure in Panjang Island, which is famous for its mangroves and corals. That means visitors can go diving and witness stunning mangrove forest in the island. Despite the long trip, Panjang Island is considered a worthy tourist spot to visit, especially for families. It also becomes a favorite destination for nature lovers. Those people want to learn about the mangroves and other vegetation in Panjang Island.

The Nuance
Well, it is easy to describe the beauty of the island. First, it is related to the beach. Panjang Island features a white sand beach with its pristine nuance. The sea water is crystal clear and some parts of it are shallow. No wonder, swimming is quite recommended there. In fact, the sand has a soft texture and it is suitable for beach walking. Near to the beach, coconut trees and other vegetation grow abundantly! What about the size of the island? Well, it is about 565.4 hectares. The locals even call it Coral Island, featuring mangroves and other nature attractions.

Exploring Panjang Island
The main attraction in Panjang Island is the mangrove forest. That means tourists have an opportunity to both explore and learn about it. In fact, some tourist agents provide a tour package regarding mangrove plantation short course. The management might teach the members how to cultivate mangroves and learn their importance. The fact is the presence of such vegetation helps the island to avoid erosion. It also prevents huge waves from damaging the land. Not to mention mangroves become a lure for tourists. No wonder, the mangrove becomes the pride of such tourist spot.

Apart from the educational benefits, the existence of mangrove forest in Panjang Island attracts both photographers and nature lovers. These people come to the island to capture beautiful pictures of such vegetation. They also want to appreciate its existence. In fact, it is possible to explore all parts of the mangroves, as well as the island. It can be done by walking as the size of the island is not quite big. As for the tips, they need to carry several items like camera, sunglasses, hat, and even snacks! Bottled water is considered important either.

Once they get around and explore the mangroves, tourists can head to the beach for relaxation. The gusty wind and warm weather might eradicate their tiredness almost in an instant! Thanks to the presence of coconut trees. Visitors can rest and relax without suffering the heat of the sun. Somehow, such coastal environment is also perfect for photography. Another idea is to go swimming there.

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How to Get There
For outsiders, the most recommended transportation is an airplane and the destination is Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Airport in Balikpapan. Next, they need to head to Tajung Redeb Port, located in Berau District. From there, their next destination is Derawan Island. Another boat is needed to reach Panjang Island later.

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