Nyadeng Lake in Kelay Sub-district, East Kalimantan Province

Tourists have different reasons in visiting Berau District. It is likely some of them want to enjoy a vacation in a serene lake called Nyadeng. The location is in Merabu Village, but it takes some time to reach the site. It is because tourists need to pass through Lesan River first, which takes about 30 minutes. Have no worries. The trip won’t be bored, as many beautiful nature attractions are seen along the way to the lake. The fact is they might also see lush Merabu Forest with its wild creatures.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the nuance in Nyadeng Lake is peaceful or serene. That means it is suitable for relaxation and photography. In terms of size, the lake is considered moderate. The water is beautiful and it is quite refreshing. Without a doubt, tourists can swim and play in it. Another important fact is that the lake is surrounded by lush trees and bushes. Even some animals are seen in the location, including cockatoos, monkeys, etc. With all these attractions, it is likely the lake becomes everyone’s favorite spot for relaxation.

Exploring Nyadeng Lake
One of the reasons in visiting the lake is its adventure. As mentioned earlier, tourists need to explore both river and forest in order to reach Nyadeng Lake. It is both fun and challenging, actually. At the end of the trip, tourists might find a welcome sign. That doesn’t mean they have reached the lake, though. Why is that? They must walk for about 20 minutes, passing through Merabu Karst Forest. The route is accessible, but it is slippery sometimes, especially during rainy season. The tiredness of such trip would disappear instantly when those people arrive at the lake.

The blue color of Nyadeng Lake and the serene nuance are quite calming! In fact, tourists are able to see fishes clearly in the water. Plus, many trees surround the location, creating a comfortable ambiance. With all those features, the lake suits everyone’s needs for relaxation. Apart from that, they can take good pictures of the lake, trees, and even animals. That means photography is also popular there. It doesn’t have to be a digital camera. They can even use a simple smartphone to take pictures in Nyadeng.

For those who love swimming, Nyadeng Lake is considered safe for them. Still, it is better to wear a life jacket, especially the kids. The water is a bit cold, though. It is because the water comes from the mountain, which is fresh and pure. In this case, tourists should come at noon, when the water is warmer. Once they enjoy relaxation, photography, and swimming, they must visit nearby mountain called Ketepu. It becomes their opportunity for trekking, which takes about 2 hours!

Nearby Attractions

  • Ketepu Mountain
  • Merabu Village
  • Beloyot Cave

How to Get There
For those coming from Balikpapan, they can ride a bus or other transportation services to Kelay District. The distance is 343 km, so it is considered a long trip. The next destination is Merabu Village. It won’t take much time, actually. Next, tourists need to conduct a small trekking to reach the lake, which takes about 20 minutes.

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