Dalling Dance of Derawan Archipelago, Berau District

A vacation in East Kalimantan Province never disappoints travelers. One of the most visited regions is Berau District because it is recognized for its stunning Derawan Archipelago. It is only the beginning, as tourists can enjoy other things like cultural events, local dances, foods, etc. As for the reference, there is Dalling Dance, which becomes a signature entertainment in Derawan Islands. The dance is performed by the locals as a form of greeting to the guests. Not only it is beautiful, but the dance is also peaceful. Everyone should appreciate a cultural value, offered by such entertaining performance!

About the Dance
Usually, Dalling Dance is performed by 4 young girls. They wear blue attire and a head accessory. Their movements are mesmerizing and their expression looks happy. Once they start dancing, the audience won’t be able to turn their eyes away from those dancers. When it comes to the accompaniment, they only use a recorded music instead of real musicians. The fun part is that tourists are allowed to join the dance and enjoy the festivity together. If necessary, they can learn the dance from the locals by hiring an instructor.

Enjoying Dalling Dance
Of all the islands in Derawan Archipelago, Derawan Island becomes a perfect place to enjoy Dalling Dance. It is because most of the islands don’t have good facilities and inhabitants. In fact, some of them are uninhabited. Once travelers reach Derawan, they should reach the nearby village and find information regarding the dance. Of course, they must learn about the schedule of the performance prior to visiting the island. This can be done by working with a tour agency, after all. Have no worries. No fee is involved in enjoying the dance.

During the performance of Dalling Dance, the dancers often approach the audience and give their shawl to them. It is the sign when the chosen audience should join the performance. Simply put, the shawl represents an honor to that person so he needs to enter the stage right away. He doesn’t have to dance professionally, after all. What he needs to do is to enjoy the nuance along with the accompaniment and other dancers. Moreover, not all people get the chance to do it. That means only lucky audience gets the shawl from the Dalling dancers.

According to the locals, Dalling Dance is considered threatened by modernism. The number of dancers decreases over time and not many people are into it. That means the local government should put more effort in both promoting and retaining its existence. Hopefully, it keeps attracting tourists so more people become aware of the beauty of the dance. Being a signature dance of Derawan Archipelago, Dalling is a local entertainment people should be proud of.

Other Attractions

  • Maratua Island
  • Tanjung Redeb City
  • Igal Dance

How to Get There
As mentioned before, the best place to enjoy Dalling Dance is Derawan Island. First, tourists need to take an airplane to Kalimarau Airport, which resides in Tanjung Redeb. Next, they need to reach Tanjung Batu Port and take a boat to Derawan Island.

Where to Stay

  • Derawan Dive Resort
  • Derawan Lodge
  • Fisheries Eco Villa

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