Gusung or Gosong Island in North Panajam Paser District, East Kalimantan

Spending a vacation in Derawan Archipelago is a good idea. It is because many options of islands are available to explore. One of them is located in North Panajam Paser District and the name is Gusung Island. The locals also call it Gosong (burnt) Island. The location is within Tanjung Jumlai Beach and it is popular for beach walking and diving. Featuring unspoiled nature and lucrative sea creatures, the island becomes a favorite location for diving and sightseeing! No one lives on the island, so it provides a serene atmosphere. The thing is the island is only available during the low tide, as it may disappear during the high tide, covered by seawater.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the island only appears during the low tide. It consists only of white sand and there is no other feature. The texture of the sand is soft and it is suitable for beach walking and playing around. When it comes to seawater, it is crystal clear and blue. Such mesmerizing sea lures visitors to enjoy swimming and snorkeling there. Next, some boats are seen coming near the island during the low tide. The high traffic of visitors shows how popular the island is, after all.

Exploring Gosong Island
The thing is visitors can only reach Gosong Island at noon (during low tide). No wonder, their skin might get burnt by the sun ray when spending enjoying a vacation there. This explains why the name of the island is Gosong or “burnt”. Many types of fun activities can be done on the island, after all. These include relaxing, swimming, photography, and diving. As for the tip, it is better to apply sunblock cream to the skin. Not to mention tourists should consider wearing a hat and sunglasses.

According to tour guides, Gusung Island has an excellent formation of coral reefs. However, they are only visible during the low tide. The fact is most of them are rare live corals. Moreover, researchers have confirmed there are about 56 types of corals and more than 40 species of fishes living that area. Some of the fishes even have a high economic value, like snappers, groupers, and baronang. No wonder, some local fishermen often come to the area for fishing. There are another popular species living in that location, called Napoleon! It is a rare and protected species, actually.

The size of Gosong Island is quite small and it consists only of white sand. Such beautiful sand combines well with flawless seawater and superb sea scenery. Tourists often drop by on the island before heading to other parts of Derawan Archipelago, after all. They consider it as a resting place for photography and playing around on the sand. Some of them even come for snorkeling.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Derawan Island

How to Get There
First, tourists should visit Balikpapan by airplane. Their next destination is Berau District and they should use a boat from Tanjung Batu Port to reach Derawan Island. From there, the next destination is Gusung Island, which takes about 20 minutes by speedboat. It takes longer if they choose Kelotok boat instead of such fast boat.

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