Haji Buang Lake in Maratua Island, Derawan Archipelago

Maratua becomes many tourists’ favorite. What is the reason? It is likely visitors are mesmerized by pristine nature and flawless beauty of the island. When it is about nature tourism, Maratua Island offers a nice tourist spot called Haji Buang Lake. Why is the name, actually? The locals named it, which is based on the founder (Haji Buang). Today, it becomes a good spot for witnessing pure nature with its serene lake water. The fact is that people also come to the location for swimming and photography.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Haji Buang Lake is considered moderate. Still, it is wide enough for swimming. The color of the water is green and it feels cold in the morning. Due to this reason, people are recommended to swim at noon, when the temperature is warmer. The fact is the lake is surrounded by bushy vegetation. Many trees also grow there. These features bring a comfortable atmosphere to the location, for sure. No wonder, visitors take advantage of such condition for relaxing. They also bring a camera to capture stunning views of the lake and its surrounding.

Exploring Haji Buang Lake
The lake is situated near to Payung-Payung Village. Its serenity never fails to amaze tourists, as well. Thanks to the lush forest. Tourists have an opportunity to conduct trekking when reaching the location. Not to mention there is a local coconut plantation with its dense trees. The fact is visitors need to pass through all of those landscapes in order to reach the lake. Approximately, it may take 20-30 minutes by walking. As an alternative, they can ride a boat from Lawang-Lawang. Some people consider it less interesting, though.

Once they reach Haji Buang Lake, they can enjoy its refreshing atmosphere and mesmerizing nature views. Many types of flora and fauna are also seen there. Plus, the lake is famous for its jellyfishes. Just like those of Kakaban Lake, the jellyfishes are stingless so they cause no harm to tourists. That means swimming is a recommended activity in the lake. The comfortable water and beautiful jellyfishes are quite luring, after all. On top of that, the lake is surrounded by dense trees, providing comfort and serenity to swimmers.

Here is a question. Do tourists need to hire a tour guide? Usually, it costs nothing. Though, it is better to pay some money to the guide, especially for those who come in a group. This person might help tourists in reaching the lake efficiently and ask for permission for swimming, after all. That means his help is quite significant. Later, he can even help tourists to talk to villagers and get free local foods or an accommodation.

Nearby Attractions

  • Payung-Payung Village
  • Tanah Bamban Lake
  • Kakaban Island
  • Semut Island

How to Get There
Many checkpoints are included in reaching Haji Buang Lake. From Balikpapan, travelers need to rent a boat in Tanjung Batu Port (Berau District). The first destination is Derawan Island. Later, they can take another boat and head to Maratua Island. From there, their next destination is Payung-Payung Village. Another trip requires trekking for 20 minutes in reaching the lake. That’s it.

Where to Stay

  • Maratua Paradise Resort
  • Atia Hotel

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