Ketepu Mountain in Merabu Village, Berau District

Berau is a neighboring district of Derawan Archipelago. It is worth a visit, as well. Of all nature attractions in Berau, Ketepu Mountain is a good choice for travelers. Why is that? The mountain is near to other famous tourist spots like Nyadeng Lake, Merabu Village, and Beloyot Cave. In other words, tourists can visit all those places when reaching Ketepu Mountain! The local call it Kekar or Ketepu Karst, actually. A route to reach the top of the mountain consists of various tilts, ranging from 40-70 degrees. For those coming from Nyadeng Lake, the trip may take about 1 hour.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the route to reach the mountain features different tilts. This explains why the site is suitable for trekking. Along the way to the top of the mountain, tourists can also see many types of trees and small vegetation. Some birds are also seen there. When it comes to the nuance, it is both shady and cold, especially in the morning. On the peak, tourists are able to views jaw-dropping scenery with its flawless horizon. Even the sky looks beautiful from there! That spot is also suitable to witness either sunrise or sunset.

Exploring Ketepu Mountain
One of the reasons in reaching the top of Ketepu Mountain is its challenge. Both casual and professional trekkers find it interesting, for sure. Trekking is a healthy and fun activity, so tourists should never overlook its importance. Not to mention Ketepu is quite famous. That means it is a waste to pass the opportunity to climb the mountain when spending a vacation in Berau District. Even beginners can explore the location easily. Still, hiring a porter and an instructor becomes a good idea.

During trekking, there is a spot for resting and camping, which is located near to a cave. That means trekkers can use the spot to spend a night prior to continuing their journey. In the next morning, they can enjoy the fresh atmosphere and watch beautiful morning scenery. In order to reach that spot, it takes 50 minutes from the foot of the mountain, though. As for the tip, visitors should have prepared a sleeping bag or even a tent beforehand. It is because they might need it later. It is also necessary to carry some snacks and bottled water. Littering is not allowed, though.

From the resting spot, it only takes several minutes to reach the top of Ketepu Mountain. A formation of Karst is seen from the location. Not to mention the air is fresher and rejuvenating. At dusk, visitors also have the chance to view a mesmerizing view of the sunset! Once they enjoy good times at the top of the mountain, it is the time to visit nearby attractions, especially Nyadeng Lake. Getting in the lake water is indeed refreshing!

Nearby Attractions

  • Merabu Village
  • Nyadeng Lake
  • Beloyot Cave

How to Get There
From Balikpapan City, travelers can simply head to Berau District by bus. Next, they must reach the next checkpoint, which is Merabu Village. From there, it requires trekking in reaching the top of Ketepu Mountain.

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