Panimbul Waterfall in Berau District, East Kalimantan Province

It is true Derawan Archipelago is considered the most famous tourist spot in Berau District. That doesn’t mean travelers have limited options of vacation destinations. For instance, it is Panimbul Waterfall, which is located in Biduk-biduk Sub-district. The site is accessible and it is suitable for trekking, relaxation, and photography. Some tourists are also interested in getting in the water and enjoy its refreshing sensation, in fact. Here is the question, though. What makes it different than regular waterfalls? Apart from being a popular tourist spot in Biduk-biduk, it has a good location, which is near to a beach.

The Nuance
Surrounded by lush nature, the waterfall offers a peaceful nuance. That means tourists can simply sit near to the water, listening to the sound of falling water and enjoying the serene nuance. For those who want swimming, they must be grateful with its small pond. Despite the size, the water is quite satisfying. What about the height of the falls? Panimbul has the height of 15 meters and it is located near to seashore. This explains why tourists also want to reach the beach and spend some time there. The waterfall and the beach complete each other, after all.

Exploring Panimbul Waterfall
The good thing is Panimbul Falls is located near to Teluk Sumbang Village. Tourist can take advantage of the settlement for both resting and getting prepared prior to heading to Panimbul Fall. They also have the chance to enjoy local foods and learn some cultures in the village. Here is another idea. They must hire a local guide so the trip becomes easier and more efficient. Some locals can even speak English! That means tourists won’t have any issues regarding communication. The cost of their service is affordable, as well.

As mentioned before, the location of Panimbul Waterfall is near to a beach. In order to reach the site, tourists can take either a trekking route or a path, passing through local coconut plantation. Either way, travelers would enjoy the trip. Not to mention it won’t take much time to reach the falls. Usually, visitors only need to take 10 minutes or less in reaching the site. As long as they come with a local guide, they won’t get lost. Also, wearing comfortable footwear is a must, as it determines both safety and comfort.

Once they get to the falls, they can do many things, including sightseeing and swimming. The water is refreshing, as well. When it comes to the flows of the water, it is moderate. That means the pond is safe for both playing water and swimming. After spending some time in the waterfall, tourists can simply go back to Teluk Sumbang and rent a room in a nearby homestay. The rent fee is a bit expensive during holidays, though.

Nearby Attractions

  • Teluk Sumbang Village
  • Biduk-Biduk Village
  • Labuan Cermin
  • Kaniungan Island

How to Get There
From Balikpapan, travelers can directly head to Berau District. Next, they need to reach Biduk-biduk Sub-district and head to Teluk Sumbang Village. From there, it requires a trekking in order to reach the waterfall.

Where to Stay
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