Amazing Derawan Beach in Berau District, East Kalimantan Province

Beaches always offer a refreshing nuance and beautiful views to travelers. Not only it becomes a place to relax, but it becomes the destination for numerous water sports like diving and swimming. For those visiting Derawan Islands, they should drop by in Derawan Beach. As the name implies, it is located in Derawan Island and it becomes a recommended tourist spot in such region. What can tourists do there, actually? Well, the beach is famous for its underwater beauty so it is suitable for diving and snorkeling. Not to mention it features pristine nature!

The Nuance
In terms of beauty, the beach offers many values to visitors. For example, it is white sand with its soft texture. Near to the shorelines, some lodges are seen, on which tourists can relax and rest. Behind, many coconut trees and other types of vegetation grow beautifully. They promote a comfortable atmosphere and rejuvenating ambiance in the location, as well. Next, the beach features a long pier. That means visitors can walk on it and enjoy the breeze of the coastal wind and witness sea scenery clearly. When it comes to sea water, it is crystal clear and has the color of green Tosca.

Exploring Derawan Beach
Lots of people come to Derawan Beach for snorkeling. It is because they have acknowledged its underwater beauty like corals, jellyfishes, fishes, green sea turtles, hawksbill sea turtles, and more. The crystal clear water provides an excellent visibility to explorers, as well. Moreover, the water is warm and comfortable. Is it that great? Well, not all spots are suitable for snorkeling. That means tourists find tips from the locals regarding the best snorkeling spots in Derawan Beach. Another tip is related to the gear. Tourists don’t need to carry snorkel gears as the dive centers provide those items to them. Still, they need to spend money to rent them.

The best time to visit Derawan Beach is at noon or during a good weather. This way, people can go snorkeling in a comfortable manner as the water has the best visibility. Usually, it reaches up to 20 meters! Some people choose to come to the beach either in the morning or afternoon, though. Well, those times are also recommended, as long as there are instructors nearby. What about the best snorkeling spot? According to the locals, it is located near to the pier.

Once they have explored the underwater beauty of Derawan Beach, it is time to do other fun activities. For families, the most recommended activity is a banana boat riding. The cost is affordable and it gives a wonderful experience, as well. That means it is worth the money! A banana boat can accommodate 5 passengers, including an instructor sitting in the back of it. Before riding it, all passengers should have worn a safety jacket so they can avoid drowning when the boat flips over. It is a basic precaution, after all.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kakaban Island
  • Sangalaki Island
  • Maratua Island
  • Gosong Island

How to Get There
The prime destination is Balikpapan City and travelers can reach it by airplane. From there, they must head to Berau District either by a land or air transportation. Once they reach Tanjung Batu Port, it is time to head to Derawan Island by speedboat. The voyage takes about 30 minutes, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Derawan Dive Lodge
  • Derawan Dive Resort
  • Fisheries Eco Villa
  • Berto House

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