Kaniungan Kecil Island in Biduk-Biduk Sub-District, East Kalimantan Province

Derawan Archipelago never disappoints travelers. It is because the region is suitable for island hopping, vacation retreat, snorkeling, and much more. Located near to Teluk Sumbang Village, there is Kaniungan Island, on which tourists can explore. In fact, it consists of Besar (big) and Kecil (small) island. It is true Kaniungan Besar is popular among tourists, but that doesn’t mean the small one isn’t worth a visit. Despite the small size, Kaniungan Kecil Island is quite alluring. Most of the visitors come to the location to enjoy snorkeling and underwater photography.

The Nuance
In terms of beauty, Kaniungan Island is no less than its sibling. Its beach is alluring too! It features white sand with its soft texture, coconut trees, pristine sea water, calm waves, breezy wind, and warm weather. In a nutshell, the island represents a heaven-like vacation spot and it doesn’t have any inhabitants either. With such serene nuance, visitors can spend a peaceful holiday and they might feel like staying on a private island! It looks deserted indeed, but it offers more than tourists could imagine. Even the horizon looks flawless!

Exploring Kaniungan Kecil Island
As soon as tourists get to the island, they can see a deserted land with its pristine nature. In the beach, the sea water looks quite mesmerizing. This explains why visitors are likely to get in the water and go snorkeling. Once they wear the gear, they are allowed to explore the sea. Lots of beautiful fishes would be their companion while snorkeling, actually. For those who don’t like snorkeling, they can simply play on the shore, which is not quite deep. Some fishes are even seen there. Plus, the water feels so warm!

Apart from snorkeling, tourists should try a special activity called underwater photography. What they need are some diving skills and an underwater camera. What should they try to capture, actually? Well, many stunning objects are available like corals, fishes, etc. Thanks to the unspoiled nautical beauty. All of the attractions come in a good condition, as no humans have caused not damaged to the environment yet. Hopefully, Kaniungan Kecil Island remains virgin and beautiful all the time. With such quality, more tourists would definitely come to the island, either locals or foreigners.

Once travelers enjoy good times in Kaniungan Kecil Island, they can visit its neighboring island, which is called Kaniungan Besar. It also has pristine underwater beauty, but it comes with a resort and restaurant. That means tourists can rest and eat some foods before continuing their adventure. As for the tips, they must come with families or friends. The purpose is to make the vacation merrier or more festive. When it comes to accommodations, Biduk-Biduk Sub-district provides several options. Though, they are often overbooked during holidays.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kaniungan Besar Island
  • Sulaiman Bay
  • Teluk Sumbang Waterfall
  • Labuan Cermin Lake
  • Teluk sumbang (Water falls)

How to Get There
The fastest method is by airplane. In this case, travelers only need to head to Kalimarau Airport, which is located in Berau District. Next, they must drive for about 6 hours to Teluk Sulaiman Bay. From there, tourists should rent a boat and head to Kaniungan Kecil Island, which takes about half an hour. As an alternative, tourists can come from Balikpapan, which takes roughly 15-16 hours.

Where to Stay

  • Kaniungan Besar Resort
  • Hotels in Biduk-Biduk

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